Property Law

The sale or purchase of a property involves, for many, careful planning and calculated decision making.

Our conveyancing department is continuously adding value to the Firm by being one of its core practice areas. As conveyancing is an area of practice that is time sensitive in nature and requires a high level of attention to details, we have set up a team of 15 dedicated staff, including our Consultant with over 40 years of experience in practice, offering professional yet personalized service to individual home buyers and commercial investors alike.

Thriving on effective communication skills and understanding our clients’ needs for a stress-free transaction, we render efficient service to a very diverse client base. We work closely with external agencies and other professionals in completing matters within a realistic timeline. Our team is friendly and personable, ensuring that our clients are updated regularly on the status of their transactions. Our lawyers are always at hand to clarify doubts that may arise, thus providing our clients with a one-stop contact centre throughout the length of their matters.