Civil Litigation

Thorough analysis, carefully building a case, preparing the client.

Legal Representation

We act for several large companies in a variety of matters.
We act for personal litigants from every strata of society.


The litigation process begins with an in-depth look into the facts of each client's case. After a thorough analysis of the client's position, we proceed with carefully building a case, preparing the client and assembling a body of evidence.

We carefully craft a case that can be supported by the evidence and the legal issues. Thereafter, all relevant interlocutory applications are taken out / resisted for the client and in-depth research on the law for the matter conducted.

Proper preparation of the client

We are aware of the litigation stress that all litigants have to endure and strive to make the litigation process as cost and time efficient as possible.

Positive Action

The increasingly fast pace of the process of litigation is matched by our growing reserve of expertise and experience and the high level of synergy and cooperation amongst every member of our Firm.

Cross Border

Where necessary we can call upon our network of contacts in other jurisdictions. This is to provide timely and jurisdiction relevant advise and action when called upon. Jurisdictions as diverse as Malaysia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, the United Kingdom are within our network.

Involved & Updated

Throughout the case the client remains directly involved and is updated on developments and arising issues.

In short, every resource is mobilised and our fullest efforts are channeled towards concluding the litigation process with the best possible outcome.

Action Team

We are frequently requested to take over large matters on exigent and accelerated timelines. We thrive on this pressure and our resilient, committed litigators make the most of a 24 hour day.