Justin Chan


Justin received his legal education at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom and was subsequently called to the Singapore Bar in May 2003. He previously practised with Drew & Napier LLC before joining Tito Isaac & Co LLP.

Primarily a practitioner in the realm of civil litigation, Justin also advises on matrimonial, criminal and corporate matters. In particular, he has acted for and advised clients in matters relating to corporate enforcement of rights in respect of a director’s duties, construction claims and enforcement of rights in relation to improper transfers of shares in a corporate entity.

The nature of the cases and matters that Justin has been involved in have at times required the taking of instructions and liaison in jurisdictions outside of Singapore such as Australia, Thailand, New Zealand and Malaysia.

Contentious Probate and Administration

In the area of Contentious Probate and Administration, matters and/or cases which Justin has been instructed upon as counsel include the following: -
  • Multi-jurisdictional dispute pertaining to the legacies of an established businessman. Allegations were cast as to his lack of mental capacity and free will when making such legacies.
  • Multi-jurisdictional dispute. Allegations were made that the deceased’s signature on her Will was forged.
  • A contest made by family members upon two Wills executed by a wealthy businessman. Allegations were made by family members that his primary caregiver unduly influenced him to execute Wills giving her the lion’s share of his estate.
  • A contest made by a grieving husband upon his late wife’s last Will and testament. The said Will had left him nothing despite his loyalty and publicly-known profound affection to her.

Trust and Equitable Remedies

In the area of Trust and Equitable Remedies, matters and/or cases which Justin has been instructed upon as counsel include the following: -
  • Successful businesswoman added her live-in boyfriend as a joint account holder of her largest liquid asset. Her boyfriend had not contributed any monies to the joint account but alleged that he was entitled to its entirety when she passed away.
  • Sought a declaration that a semi-detached property purchased by the husband was intended to be jointly held with his wife. After his demise, the developers have refused to accept a status of joint tenancy.
Justin Chan

LLB Honours (Nottingham)
Advocate & Solicitor (Singapore)

EMAIL: Justin.Chan@TICLLP.com
DID: +65 6730 6007